Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rough drafts

I'm posting up a few pages of rough draft of the first few pages. I thought I would have something a little more cleaned up to post by now. But life has other ideas at the moment. I also have a scanner that has issues and a copy of photoshop that doesn't work with my newer OS and that generally doesn't make it easy to get my hard copy drawings into finished form. So I decided to post old stuff I had scanned and already on my computer. I'll be showing the "behind the scenes "of working on a comic/ manga graphic novel.
I start with a rough layout of the page either on an 8.5 x 11 peice of paper or on 5 x8 index cards and some times on 3x5. Next I do a clean up in a blue pencil, then I ink before taking it into the computer for lettering and toning and maybe color.
These first two pages are slight variants on the first page. Currently they are decorating my drawing table as I work to finish a cleaned up first page.

The rest here are the some of the first 5-10 pages. started this project with the idea of having to put the whole story into 20 pages for Tokyo pop's Rising Starts of Manga. After trying a couple of times to finish the project to submit to them, I realized that this story could not be told in just 20 pages.
So I've added a few pages to the beginning. Instead of trying to cram too much into just a few pages I can unfold the story in the way it needs to be told.

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