Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm slowly getting the first page inked. I snapped a picture of it on the light table. I have been sneaking into the art room and inking the first page. I've been holding off working on the pages I want to get to because I needed to finish my first page. I have been putting off this page trying to get the first panel right. It's been sitting on the drawing board for months waiting for me to get out my reference material and get the first panel done "right." I finally looked at the sketch I had done and said "It's good enough. I'm going to take what I have and put it all together so I can get on with telling my story"
So I combined the what I had and got to work on inking. In the middle of it I realized what it was I needed to fix on the first panel. I knew sub consiously some thing was wrong about that sketch and it had been bugging me. That was why I had been wanting to redo the first sketch. Oh well if I'll edit it later . No, I'm not going to tell you what's wrong but Feel free to leave a comment and guess. I may give a prize or something.

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Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Hi April!

Good luck getting on with the rest of your story, sometimes it's better to just start and let mistakes be taken care of latter. =) As far as my guess? is it the side of the car the steering wheel is on? Is the only thing I can think of that could be 'wrong' per se. Unless it's something artisically wrong, and I'd not see that.