Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm starting to get back to  this  comic. I'm currently  finishing another  illustration project and trying to  write the novel version for Nation Novel Writing Month  ( NaNoWrimo.org ) I decided I'd try to write out the  story What the  Heck in novel format just to try to jump start myself to working on Heck again. It's worked  so far. the 2600  words  I have  written  so far have  gotten me looking over notes and unfinished pages on  the project.  I hope writing  it our   in novel style will help me  flesh out the story  a little  more.   So far  so  good.  but with  Heck they is  always a catch... every time I get moving on this  project I  have to set it aside  for things like...  moving.  I'm hoping not this  time but we'll see.
 I have   set up a  fan page for the  comic.  just  click on the  become a fan on the side of  my blog. For  right now  I'm back to  writing on  the novel and I hope to  come away with  some  new stuff to  get me jump started on  this  project.

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